My original paintings are rooted in my need for self-discovery and expression.  I am intrigued by original art forms that extend the human ability to express thoughts and emotions. I frequently use jazz themes and icons because jazz and the blues are very much reflective of my environment, but more importantly because music as a whole has a complementary relationship with the visual arts.  Improvisational aspects of jazz allow great freedom for the musician. Within the context of a free flowing improvisational solo there is structure. The improvisational solo has its own unique language, its own vocabulary and grammar. The content of my art originals are deeply rooted in the same emotional, expressive and literal qualities that are found in jazz and blues music. It is this aspect of my creations that gives it its voice and connects me to the work and makes it a part of me emotionally and spiritually.


     My technique involves combining a variety of wet and dry mediums. I like the concept of merging painting with drawing and enjoy mark making. The use of colorful free lines and marks are key visual elements in my work and provide avenues for expressionistic mix media paintings. From beginning to end, the process of bringing shapes, lines and colors together to the point where a work of art is born is quite challenging yet magical and mysterious.


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