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"Learning about an original work of art in your collection"

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

“Drumming Buddies” 2016

John Obafemi Jones

Acrylic on canvas “10 x 20” Sold

The most efficient way is to start with a basic Google search on the art, artist, medium. There is an abundance of free information available via the internet, including databases with articles and archives. Consider your public libraries and retail booksellers like,, and Begin by looking to see if there is a catalog about the artist. There you will find basic information about the work and its provenance. Also, check out IFAR (International Foundation for Art Research), and for provenance information, go to the Getty Provenance Index Databases. There are many projects in place with institutions to digitize archives to be more accessible to researchers.

About the author: John Obafemi Jones is an American artist residing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. An expressionistic figurative painter, his paintings are rooted in his need for self-discovery and expression. He frequently uses jazz themes and blues icons because he feels these art forms that have historically confronted some of society’s most serious questions. For examples of mix media painting visit


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