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Questions to Ask a Gallerist Before Buying Art

  1. Should I buy as an investment?

  2. Can I pay in installments?

  3. Whom should I talk to before I buy?

  4. How can I find more information about the artist?

  5. Are there other available works?

  6. Is this work unique or an edition?

  7. Will there be additional costs?

  8. How will I display the work?

About the author: John Obafemi Jones is an American artist residing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. An expressionistic figurative painter, his paintings are rooted in his need for self-discovery and expression. He frequently uses jazz themes and blues icons because he feels these art forms that have historically confronted some of society’s most serious questions. Follow John Obafemi and learn about his art journey visit www.johnobafemijones.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Thomas Merton


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