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“She’s Royal, Caribbean Queen”

“She’s Royal, Caribbean Queen” 2021

John Obafemi Jones

40”x60” Acrylic, fabric, paint sticks on canvas


In the Caribbean, women that presided over ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations were bestowed the title of "Queen "by plantation workers. These women were well respected and held in high esteem. Often these "Queens" were among leaders of resistance movements. On the island of St. Croix, Danish West Indies Queen Mary Thomas, Queen Agnes, and Queen Matilda (nicknamed "Bottom-Belly) were leaders of the Agricultural laborer's Revolt in October 1878, also known as "Fireburn of 1878". On October 1, 1878, the laborers working in the Croix plantations gathered to protest their inhumane treatment. The uprising burned out nearly all the estates in the western section of the island. In the eastern part of the island, Anna's Hope and Work and Rest's smoke. Christiansted town was spared. The women played a significant role in the action. The most famous was Queen Mary. After all, had settled down, the Queens were sentenced to prison terms in Denmark.

About the author: John Obafemi Jones is an American artist residing in the U.S. Virgin Islands. An expressionistic figurative painter, his paintings are rooted in his need for self-discovery and expression. He frequently uses jazz themes and blues icons because he feels these art forms that have historically confronted some of society’s most serious questions. For examples of mix media painting visit


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